"An aviation ecosystem, is a community supported by a foundation of interacting organisations and individuals - the organisms of the aviation world".

The Aviation community consists of a number of stakeholders, each focused on developing and growing their respective businesses.

An aviation ecosystem like any other ecosystem is continuously evolving. To be successful it requires the relationship between all stakeholders to be symbiotic in nature. In this current climate the interdependency of each stakeholder on each other has never been so important. The success of one contributes to the success of the whole community. 

Each of Tuscar's advisory team are subject-matter experts, who believe that the collaborative process is key and by utilising our extensive knowledge we can assist the African aviation community rebuild, develop and prosper.




We do not endorse a "one size fits all" philosophy, or employ "plug and play" solutions. We employ an active, reflective listening approach when engaging with our Clients. It enables us to clearly define their expectations, support requirements and timelines, thereby facilitating a solution specific to their needs. 


Our primary objective is to guide our Clients in their decision making process.

By leveraging our extensive first hand experience, we enable in-house teams to take ownership, shape and develop their strategy, designed to successfully meet their objectives.


Collaboration is key to developing a workable, sustainable solution. This development phase is critical to reaffirm priorities and generate plans that will ensure delivery of the company’s vision and mission.

Crucially the development process must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related). Objectives must also include factors such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), resource allocation and budget requirements.


As a result of inexperience the majority of strategies fail at the implementation phase. Organisational members with implementation responsibilities need to have sufficient skills and knowledge to implement the strategy.

We support our Clients in ensuring the plan contains a clear set of concrete and measurable objectives or targets incorporating elements such as KPI's. Through continuous monitoring we assess what effect the implementation is having and make adjustments to the strategy as required. 

Having worked internationally, we understand that implementing a new business strategy can bring about Organisational upheaval. In our experience the most successful sustainable organisational change occurs when a business actively involves its people on the journey. This helps to overcome obstacles such as the fear of making mistakes, lack of participation and taking on responsibility.